Kevin Barnhardt

Experience Matters

Kevin Barnhardt is a Berks County native committed to improving the community with involvement in public service and remaining active in various organizations.

Preserving the past and improving the future is what this husband, father, and grandfather intends to achieve as your Berks County Commissioner.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Berks County’s Opioid Coalition SOS Berks

I have been the Co-Chair of Berks’ Opioid Coalition for about 3 years since its’ creation. We have branded ourselves as SOS Berks. We have been working with the Pennsylvania Opioid Overdose Reduction Technical Assistance Center through University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy.

Kevin’s Position on Public Libraries in Berks

Berks County has provided a significant amount of tax dollars to support the efforts of our member libraries while other funding sources have diminished. I thank the member boards and employees for their efforts to stretch a dollar to provide this important community service.


I plan to set the record straight regarding my stance on the issue of privatizing the Berks County Jail. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST THE PRIVATIZATION OF THE COUNTY JAIL and have said so consistently from the onset.


It is clear to me that many folks in the community see a headline or news clip that states, “The Commissioners” and often assume that it’s the collective decision of the entire board regarding many decisions made about the future of the Heim.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Our greatest right as Americans its the right to vote! Please make sure you hit the polling station on November 5th, 2019 and vote Barnhardt for Berks. Let your voice be heard!








News & Updates 

Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt on Creating Walk to Work Jobs

Government doesn't create jobs government creates the environment for private sector to create jobs. It's very important for me that we create jobs in the urban core and the suburban area where there's already infrastructure in place. There are certain brownfield...

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Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt on Berks County Taxes

People assume like we don't pay taxes. Believe me, I pay taxes. To me, the major objective of being Berks County Commissioner is being a good steward of people's tax dollars because they're critically important not only to the taxpayer, but to the proper function of...

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